2022 Year In Review

Count down with us the Top 10 features that we released in the tool this year with 15 product releases. Check out the EOY newsletter below for more details.

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Teach the tool to learn new variations of default P&ID symbols or build your own symbol library



Save your text regex searches to templates to auto-extract line numbers, notes in addition to auto-detection symbols in your project

Extract text blocks that are multi-word, multi-line for your line numbers, tags, notes, etc.

Associate additional text attributes to your symbols even if text blocks are far away from a symbol on the page

Want to extract tabular data from PDF images in batch? Try this out.

Export your processed data out of the tool as a DXF drawing that you can open in AutoCAD

Want to detect all control loops in your project? Check this feature out.

Extract text attributes for valve or instrument symbols in a single click.

Extract alarms and other text data located outside instrument symbols.

Remove excess pages from your project to streamline extraction and takeoff exercises