DataSeer Nominated for Houston Startup of the Year 2023

We’re excited to announce we’ve been nominated in HackerNoon‘s annual Startup of the Year awards for Houston, TX. Vote for us here!

1. How We’re Disrupting the AI / ML Industry

Our approach to AI / ML tools is a design-first one, with the human user in the center. Man & machine needs to collaborate, not compete. Creating such software tools for automation in the Engineering & Construction industry — which is notoriously slow to change (see McKinsey’s report)  — is important since there’s a big technology gap compared to other sectors that are more B2C, such as AdTech, MarTech, e-commerce etc. B2B has been overlooked, especially in the industrial space.


2. Standing Out from The Crowd

Our software tool is scalable since users correct model predictions while preparing, structuring and Q&A-ing data for final output. Using the tool’s UI/UX, the engineer user gets the data ready for use, and the system gets feedback for continual learning & improvement. Win-win. No 3rd party labeling, no sending your data off-shore, no additional rework iterations. You get to teach the tool to learn in real-time, on the fly.

3. Building in Houston

Our HQ is Houston. Part of our team is based in Houston (we’re remote with on-site retreats in H-town; here‘s a case study where we’re featured on how we stay aligned as a team). The process manufacturing industry is who we started building the tool for from the very start, and Houston is the home or core hub for our customers in the Energy, Plastics & Recycling, Water & Biotech industries.


4. Our Predictions & Thoughts on the AI Industry

Reactions of folks are bimodal: they’re either super excited or scared about AI. Knowledge & education is key to sift through the hype and identify ways AI can be helpful. Change is coming, but be cautious. Data is a part of all this, so ask yourself where these AI tools are getting their data from for learning and how they are continuing to learn into the future.


5. Taking on the Future

We’re excited about our growth into new markets this year beyond process diagrams into other technical engineering disciplines. We’re looking for partners interested in API integrations into their software platforms. Moving beyond digitization of engineering documents & diagrams, we’ll be also looking at enhancing DataSeer with predictive capabilities based on historical patterns observed to date. Stay tuned.


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